Moti Masjid

Name of the monument: Moti Masjid

Location: Lahore Fort

Date of Construction:c.1630-1635

Material of construction and finishes: White marble

Brief Description

Moti Masjid Lahore fort is the first among other masajid, Moti Masjidand Nagina Masjid built by emperor Shah Jahan in Delhi. The precise date of construction is not known but it is believed that project was initiated by emperor Jahangir but some modifications were made during Shah Jahan’s reign. The masjid is located close to the Alamgiri gate of Lahore fort. The site of the mosque was irregular but the architect has beautifully planned it in such a way that this shortcoming of the site have been concealed in the eastern cells making the courtyard symmetrical in plan. The overall composition of different elements in the facade id very pleasing. The multifoiled arches are carved from the white marble to its perfection. The pietra dura work in friezes and crenelation is exquisite using light colors.

The mosque was built with white marble brought from Makrana, Rajasthan, India. The Moti Masjid is divided into five bays with the central one slightly extended into the coturtyard. The domical roof of each bay is supported of marble columns. The columns are beautifully decorated with pietra dura work.

Moti Masjid: General view of prayer hall
Moti Masjid: Detail of column and arches of prayer hall
Moti Masjid:prayer hall